Ethically-harvested canine-detected wild Oregon truffles and private truffle dog hunting tours.

Umami Truffle Dogs, LLC specializes in harvesting wild culinary truffles of the Pacific Northwest. Our premium truffles are delivered to you at their aromatic peak. We currently have four expert truffle dog teams working throughout the Pacific Coast and Willamette Valley regions of Oregon. Kris and her Belgian Malinois dog, Ilsa, are one of the world’s most experienced professional truffle dog teams.

Our truffles are sought after by quality chefs and fine food establishments. We are located in Eugene, Oregon, in the heart of wild Oregon truffle country. We have successfully harvested:

Ilsa in the forest

  • Oregon winter white truffles (Tuber oregonense)
  • Oregon spring white truffles (Tuber gibbosum)
  • Oregon black truffles (Leucangium carthusianum)
  • Oregon brown truffles (Kalapuya brunnea)
  • Pecan truffles (Tuber lyonii)
  • French black (Perigord) truffles (Tuber melanosporum)


Why use a dog to hunt truffles?

Using a canine team to locate truffles is the only  ethically responsible and sustainable way to harvest these culinary gems, as opposed to the blind and indiscriminate “raking” methods used by humans. The vastly superior canine olfactory senses are able to distinguish between the scents of a ripe truffle and the immature or unripe truffle. A canine will also pinpoint the exact location of a ripe truffle, thus allowing for minimal disruption of the mycelium within the soil of the delicate forest ecology, insuring the continuation of subsequent generations of future truffles.

Umami album perigord truffle 1



Umami Truffle Dogs Make Oregon Agricultural History!

On February 28th, 2013, while working in a southern Willamette Valley truffiere, Kris and Ilsa discovered the first ever successfully cultivated french black Perigord truffle grown on the west coast of the North American continent. A sample of the truffle was microscopically examined by Dr. Charles leFevre of New World Truffieres, Inc. and was positively identified as a French Black (Tuber melanosporum) truffle.




What does Umami mean?

Um-a-mi noun \ü-ˈmä-mē\

Winter whitesIt’s long been accepted in the Western world that there are four elements of taste — sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. In 1908, Tokyo Imperial University researcher Kikunae Ikeda identified a fifth taste that he called umami, a word loosely interpreted as “deli­cious” or “savory.”  Truffles contain three different types of umami substances in the form of glutamate, inosinate and guanylate means that they can be considered as one of the world’s top three delicacies. Truffles are relished as much for their aroma as they are for their taste, and because it is very difficult to cultivate, they are famous for commanding high prices.